The Invisible Circle

For 15 years I have been teaching classes at different Art schools and also running my own illustration and creativity workshops. Currently I teach, once a year, the course “Experimental Projects II” which is part of the postgraduate on creative illustration at the EINA University School of Art and Design in Barcelona.

Teaching, sharing and communicating the knowledge of my work, has been always very nourishing to me in both directions, giving and receiving.

Every class and every workshop becomes a space where I learn at the same time I share my experience to the ones who are starting (or following, growing, exploring…) their path through illustration and art.

These are the formats of classes and workshops that I currently offer:


I have been organizing this group exclusively for women for a few years now, initially by chance and then more intentionally. Over the first two workshops I realized that an all-female group created a peculiar work dynamic. Not only did we work, draw and create; we fostered a very especial complicity (chats, laughs, curiosity…). I must confess that some afternoons we also share a cup of tea, cake and conversations that go well beyond illustration.

So, for the last seven years, I have convened this just-for-women workshop.

Female illustrators with a creative curiosity who want to work as part of a small group.

We don´t have a fixed work schedule. On the first day of the workshop I talk individually with the participants to know where they come from, where they are and where they would like to go…

Then the workshop goes – and grows – with the flow.

Some of the participants want to produce an album. They already have a text they never managed to    illustrate; they want to take part in a contest or to improve their professional book. Others simply need to be provided with short exercises, they want to improve their drawing skills or try out different drawing techniques. Some of them tell me that the three-hour workshops are like a haven in the middle of a busy week where they can finally pose and work.

As much as I can, I try to help and offer advice. I “guide” and provide the tools I have so that each one of them can take it all up and go on in their own right direction.


An intensive weekend workshop which I have organized in different settings (Valladolid Ilustrado, Club Talleres, Göteborg Book Fair...)

It is about making an illustrated album… in only two days! We put into practice the development of ideas, concepts and tricks I have learned over my professional life to optimize work time as much as possible. We learn to be quick problem solvers without losing quality. With time pressure, our work    benefits from more freshness, life and dynamism…and we see that with very little we can build a lot!    We use a mixed technique (inks, collage, pencils)

*When I start a new group or launch a new workshop it will always be announced in my Social Nets.

Contact me if you want any further information.  

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