The Invisible Circle

My name is Mariona Cabassa, welcome to the invisible circle!

I’m a seeker, an explorer, a child that plays, a dancer, a dreamer, a lover, I was born in 1977, I wander around a lot, I take pictures of everything, I travel, I’m a tattoo artist, I sew, I paint, I live in Barcelona, I listen to music all the time, I’m a mum, I like solitude, wide spaces, small groups of people, good wine, I dress mainly in black and sometimes, in flowered dresses, I need big windows and natural light, I love cookies and coffee, I don’t like small boxes, I’m more often out of this world than in it...and yet, I love being here and sharing what I see and do. 

I believe that art and creativity are necessary tools and a gift for all of us, artists or not. Magic tools.

For the last 20 years I’ve been a children’s books illustrator. I studied illustration at Massana art school in Barcelona and a postgraduate at l’Ecole des Arts Déco in Strasbourg.

Over these years, I have published more than 80 story books, more schoolbooks than I can count, and illustrated all kind of other products like puzzles, decorative vinyls, bags, toys, postcards, posters, wine labels...I have also been teaching at several art schools in Barcelona and I run my own workshops.

One day, the main medium I was working with (paper) started feeling like a too small box. A good one I have to say, that has brought much joy to my life, professional and personal, but still a box. 

So I decided to go explore the world, outside and inside, and what I found was a huge available space full of creative possibilities. I named that space The Invisible Circle, let the wings of my drawings spread and find other shapes of expression, other mediums, materials.

A friend, artist and teacher who I respect very much said to me once that my work was like a poliysymphony and right now I can’t find a better word to define the nature of this Invisible Circle.

I hope you enjoy it and it brings some inspiration to you.



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