The Invisible Circle

Although my working life is mostly books, projects, and tattoos that i have been commissioned to produce, other Images are always arising in me.

Random insights, dreams, inspirations, wishes, fascinations and so on they seek expression, wanting to be given some form that can also be shared…so from time to time i put them on paper.

These original works of mine are for putting on the walls of your home. I sell them here so they might live with and inspire you too.

They are on 370 gms Basik paper, 50x70 cm and supplied in an oak wood frame.

As a special sale offer for the opening of this section of my work, the price for the framed illustrations of any piece in this new collection is 400€ (VAT and shipping costs not included).

If you have any questions or want to see them in closer detail, you can contact me by email.