The Invisible Circle

I first started making these large pieces in conjunction with Alain Allard as backdrops for his Movement Meditation workshops that use the magic of music, dance, breath and intent to invoke the creative mystery of the moment. 

I was a student of his work for almost ten years, my contributions, which we called “altars” becoming increasingly integral to the quality of the spaces that his work invited.

Each one of these pieces is replete with the energy of stories, both old and new. Nature, stars, emotions, dreams and wishes are present in their creation and the field they create. Whoever engages with them, dependent on their needs, will find invoked in themselves different things. As they gaze into them, move with them or stand before them they will meet something of their own internal universe.

Over these years, they have become an important part of my creative work. Some of them have travelled to different countries and been displayed in different venues. Others have gone to the homes or work spaces of people who, like me, believe that we still, or perhaps even more than ever, need altars, magic, symbols, and the rich presence of the invisible.

*Some of these pieces are for sale. Contact me if you are interested on buying one or want any further information.
Commissions accepted.

photos © 2018 Eugenia Ortiz